Moms Decide to Go Back to Work or Do They Really Have a Choice?

October 30, 2011 · 2 comments

For a mom “to work or not to work, that is the question…”  I was reminded of this very hot topic for mothers recently as I read a post for my new favorite blogger, Penelope Trunk. Her latest post is about her experience with start-ups and how they basically kick your butt!   As a mom and a wife and an entrepreneur, Penelope knows a thing or two about trying to develop a successful business idea while also trying to maintain her family, her marriage and her sanity.

As seems to frequently happen, especially on the web, when a mom exercises her desire to be something in addition to being a mom, judgment from other moms will soon follow.  In this case, a commenter retorted that:

“Society needs more well-raised human beings than it needs start-ups and and widgets.”

Ugh!  Are we really still there?  Are we actually criticizing Moms for wanting to do something that Dads have been able to do since the beginning of time – that is, combine parenthood and career?  And are we still going to be judgmental when someone makes a choice that is not what we would choose when it comes to motherhood? The judgment and lack of vision, quite frankly, is enormously disappointing to me.  But, instead of wallowing in frustration, I remembered a speech that I gave a while back for moms looking to make a choice about whether to go back into the workforce – I called it, Should She Stay or Should She Go?  The point being, the choice is yours, moms, no judgment either way.  There shall simply be support among “mom-sisters” in whatever decision they decide. Rainbows and Lollipops, if you ask me.

I’ve included this wonderful 4 minute excerpt from the speech I made in honor of CHOICE and not JUDGMENT.

After you watch, share your thought process as you’ve made the decision to stay home or to go back into the workforce.  Do you have any tips for making either decision easier?  What was your biggest obstacle or your biggest source of support?

PS.  if anyone can guess why my hair is sticking out they way it is, I will send you a free copy of my book, It Gets Easier! And Other Lies We Tell New Mothers!

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