Book Review/Giveaway: Televenge by Pamela King Cable The Romance / Thriller Causing a Buzz!

October 5, 2012 · 5 comments

Televenge Book CoverA well-written book is a good book. A well-written book that has an amazing story is a fantastic book!  A book that has BOTH is a rare treasure. That is what the highly anticipated romance/suspense novel, Televenge, is – a rare treasure.  The author, Pamela King Cable,  weaves a tale so intricate and meaningful that you will actually be caught breathless – I was!  Cable deftly manages to take you to the very brink of raw emotion and then back again.  Her talented and generous pacing is both suspenseful and enjoyable.  Within a few paragraphs, you will love the main character, Andie, and you will not be able to wait to see what happens to her next.  The reader is almost instantly fully-invested.  Of course, it is Andie’s story that is the beginning of the reader’s love for Televenge.

When we meet Andie, it is the seventies and she is excitedly anticipating her wedding to her handsome and loving boyfriend, Joe Oliver.  Andie’s dreams of home, babies, family and friends are shattered when something comes between the couple.  Surprisingly, the culprit is not another woman but another man.  Their Reverend, Calvin Artury, has found something special in Joe.  He wants Joe to work for him as his Evangelical Ministry grows.  Joe is so flattered to have been chose to participate in the success of their church that he doesn’t hesitate to take weekends away from Andie to help the church to share its ministry in other cities. Andie is supportive at first, but when The Reverend Artury commands that Joe and Andie not have children, her faith is shaken and she decides to take matters into her own hands.  

Televenge is written in the different voices of the characters, reminiscent of Barbara Kingsolver’s masterpiece, The Poisonwood Bible.  The technique is extremely effective because each mulit-faceted and well-developed character is intrinsic to the story.  Each character has something very critical to add to the plot and the mystery – for Televenge is a mystery as well. Televenge’s character Mavis, is particularly fabulous. Cable showcases an expert command of the use of  foreshadowing in the book as well.  Much in the way of Tana French (In The Woods, The Likeness, Broken Harbor), Cable carefully plants delicious ‘easter eggs’ for the reader to find.  The “payoffs” for some of these foreshadowing treats come until the very last page!

I suspect that once the word is out, Televenge will become one of the most popular book of the year and Pamela King Cable, one of the most sought-after authors!  Lucky for us she is writing her next novel.  Visit Pamela King Cable on her VERY Active Facebook page here.

Here is a trailer for Televenge if you are interested in more information:

The publisher, Satya House Publications, is offering a copy of TELEVENGE as a giveaway – it would make the perfect holiday gift!

Simply leave a comment with your all-time favorite character in any novel and place don’t say “Christian,” sheesh!

Claudine’s note:

I received an ARC of Televenge at BEA in June 2012.  I loved the book so much, and you know how many book reviews I do,  that I offered my social media expertise to help promote the book.  I did not receive compensation for this review and every word of it is true.



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