Book Review : What a Mother Knows by Leslie Lehr, More Twists and Turns Than a Rollercoaster

May 16, 2013 · 1 comment

I am very happy to be a part of an author blog tour for the newly released mystery/drama/suspense novel, What a Mother Knows by Leslie Lehr.

As I mentioned previously, Perfection, by Julie Metz, saved my “reading life.”  After a brief blip of being unable to read an entire book, I am now cured and am on a reading spree. And so I found myself ripping throug What a Mother Knows. The reader is in as much of the dark as the heroine.  They both learn together.

When we first met Michelle, her husband and son are bringing her home for the hospital.  We know as little as Michelle does about her accident – it has hurt her arm, it has taken her a long time to recover, and a young rock star, Noah, was killed in the crash that injured her.  We also know that her teenage daughter is missing, that her husband is a bit aloof and a horrible lover, that her neighbors and co-workers seem supportive, that her doctor is gorgeous and caring and that she had a fabulous career producing before the accident. Michelle’s first order of business upon returning home from the hospital is to locate her daughter, Nikki.  Nikki has been missing for months and Michelle’s husband is not forthcoming with any strategy to find her. Instead of resting, Michelle decides to find Nikki for herself.  

Through broken memories Michelle (and the reader) slowly begin to piece together the mystery.  On the fateful night of the accident, Michelle wonders why her son’s pitching coach and coincidentally her production company’s latest hot rocker “phenom” was in her car and if Nikki’s disappearance has anything to do with him.  When she learns that the rocker’s parents are suing her, she is left wondering if she might have been responsible for his death.  Michelle’s quest for the truth takes her from CA to Hawaii to Florida and back again.  Michelle feels closer to an answer but fears what the truth might reveal.  What a Mother Knows is an exciting mystery written admits interesting colorful charters.  Definitely an enjoyable summer mystery.

The folks at Source Books were nice enough to give me a advance copy of What a Mother Knows.  The review is my own!


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